Since 1997, Level One Communications, Inc. has provided quality, standards-based design and build installation services and repair of Information Transport Systems (ITS), both wired and wireless. Level One specializes in structured network cabling of fiber optic and copper cabling infrastructure for data, voice and video systems.  Level One has successfully deployed projects exceeding a thousand data and voice cables, including multiple fiber optic backbones and distribution frames, as well as projects involving as few as one data drop. Whether you have to execute a simple move, add or change or are in need of a completely new and expansive enterprise physical layer infrastructure, we guarantee a network cabling (or wireless) solution that will meet your performance needs now and well into the future.

Over the years we have serviced a wide range of customers in manufacturing, retail, education and healthcare. Some of our most notable long-term customers have been Best Buy Corporation, Michael's Arts and Crafts and North Memorial Medical Center –a large Healthcare conglomerate in Minneapolis / St, Paul, MN.  But whether a fortune 500 company or a Mom and Pop operation we will provide the same standards and quality of service across the board.